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Big Fat Jinx

Big Fat Jinx

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Main Features:

  • Prediction: Big Fat Vanga 1.3
  • Draws: low Fps and kills announcer
  • Hitchance: customizable hitcance from 0-4
  • Auto E and W: after dashes + cc + ga/zhonya
  • Kill Steal: clever kill steal logic with check for allys and other custom calculations.
  • Combo: customizable usement and ranges.
  • Harass: with mana management extra on Q and W and whitelist Option also extra customizable W Range for Harass.
  • Orbwalk: automaticly loads Big Fat Walk if none found. you can use also any other orbwalk  but i recommend to use Big Fat Walk since its 100% synergy with our Jinx or SAC:R
  • Baseult

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