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Changelogs for Big Fat Gosu

Patch 6.24 | version 4.40 100% working
  • TargetSelector minor fixes + added 2 modes: LessCast and LessDist for 2nd priority
  • BuffSystem fixes with several stacks detection
  • Antigapclose + Dashes detection minor tweaks
  • Lich bane was added to damage output calculations same as Iceborn Gauntlet
  • Added DebuffTracker – feature that allow u to track CC time and buff type on u. (Mark4 -> Misc -> Display CC Warnings)
  • Found an issue of one time fps drops. It was skinchanger on enemies. This feature is now disabled by default. If u have strange fps drops -> check SkinChanger menu and disable enemies.
  • SpriteSystem upgraded. Now all sprites should load fine. Improoved loading speed.
  • Malphite Added
  • Ekko Added
  • Camille Improved E1 calcs performance. Added Q AA’s to Orbwalker checks.
  • Riven Improved TeamFight combo. Tweaked AA resets(should be perfect now).
  • Tryndamere Improved W logic
  • Xerath Improved prediction for Q
  • Twitch Nothing changed. Just wanna notice that he’s using E to ks and draw its damage on enemies’ bars. There is no option in menu, but u can enable/disable it in Ks menu.
  • Darius Improved Q logic. It now follows the best hit.
  • Fiora Fixed spamm with Q Prediction. Improved Q. Now her Q’s predicts should be perfect. Also, done some stuff with her marks following system in Orbwalker.
  • Yasuo Finally found out his E bug. Fixed and reworked Q’s and E’s. Should work fine now.
  • Diana Improved Q logic and values. Added “Dont wait Q” mode. But its still beta mode. Better to turn it off for now.
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Patch 6.24 | version 4.36 100% working
All packets were updated for 6.24close
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Patch 6.23 | version 4.35 100% working
  • BigFatVanga lots of fixes (all error spamms should be fixed now)
  • Reworked Syndra: Discover the unlimited power of BigFatSyndra and BigFatVanga synergy. Totally free elo ^^
  • Added Poppy
  • Added Tiger Udyr mode
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Patch 6.23 | version 4.34 100% working
  • Fixed vanga spam
  • added Udyr, (only Phoenix)
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Patch 6.23 | version 4.33 100% working
  • Improved Vanga Prediction
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Patch 6.23 | version 4.32 100% working
All packets were updated for 6.23close
  • Added Renekton
  • Added Caitlyn hotkey for E aim
  • Added Orbwalker’s Evading check
  • Fixed Orbwalker’s calculations
  • Fixed Rengar
  • Fixed Rumble
  • Fixed Orbwalker meele bug
  • Fixed Anivia for 6.23
  • Fixed Leblanc R combo (switched to R->Q)
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