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What can actually script league of legends do?

Well, it helps you to make unbelievable plays with high elo moves.
Actualy its like macros but more advanced. In the contrast to macros, script league of legends has logic and mathematic calculations that makes it really intelligent and powerful tool to get elo fast as possible. There are three categories of scripts. First one is for champions and helps you to do awesome mechanics plays really fast and it looks like that you can even beat Faker =). It has also automatic kill steal and other features depending on champion. Second category is evade. While using evade you are automaticly dodging enemy skillshots while others are raging and flaming in chat. There is also third category and its awareness. Awareness will help you to track enemy spells, warn about ganks and will add extra interface to the game’s one. You will never lose Drake/Baron or teamfight using it.

How safe is it use lol script ?


I was challenger last season and i am using it since three years. Currently i have multiple accounts on diamond elo and gonna hit challenger this season again. So yes, using lol script is safe. You can just go create a new smurf account and use free scripts to make decision for yourself. You should dont forget that a real ninja never talks about his secret to others inside the game because as result it will lead you to a shitty ninja. I recommend to try my Corki and Karthus cause im sure that you will like it. Specially if you will try Karthus as a support and im not trolling you. Also Corki is a really strong choice cause he carried me and my friends really often to diamond also we had a lot of fun playing him. Try to combinate some products to create the best conditions for you and your teammates for get a victory fastest way.

Get to LCS Level ? NP, script lol helps!

You still watching LCS and wondering how this guys dealing tons of damage or doing high elo moves?
So why just dont start to play with scripts like a pro now?
I have done a series of high quality script lol. Consequently it will instantly give you better chances as LCS players. Namely it improves your mechanics and awareness. Accordingly you will climb divisions really fast and satisfied with your unbelievable progress in short time. Even if teammates are flaming and tryharding to lose your game, situation can be easy reversed by using my products. You will forget about boring farming or checking current situation on the fields of honor and concentrate on positioning right and issue orders like a true commander. If hurricane Katrina has destroyed your Q W E R buttons on your keyboard you still able bring your team to victory. Summarizing, its enough for you to have at least one finger to carry like a true Faker.

Featured Products

league of legends download


If you are not able to get latest version of League of Legends from official page, you can get from my page.
I update league of legends download each patch so dont be worry. Also hosting has really fast brandwitch so speed is limited only by your internet provider.
So just download and let it patch to play one of the best MOBA games ever. How you actualy can see i have also a lot of interesting lol script that will make this game much easier for you and you will play like a pro.

here is a mirror link


How start to use lol script ?


Starting to use lol script is easyer as you would think. I prepared a video tutorial for this purposes, so you have just to follow all my steps. Also i will show you how to use all scripts and explain what they actually do ingame and what setting should you run. In this video tutorial im talking about frequently asked questions and possible issues that is really easy to bypass. So you have just to visit video tutorials section and select “First Steps” tutorial. There are also all requered links and extra informations!

What is Bol and how to run script lol ?

Bol is a tool that injects league and helps to run lua code that manupulates your champion mechanics or gives you awareness advantages. First of all you need league of legends download then you need to get Bol client. After this steps you have to put script lol inside of scripts folder and select in bol client which one you wanna or dont wanna use. As next create a custom game with bots to make sure that all things are working proparly and to confugarate all stuff.

Hell yeah, join now!

What are you waiting for?

There are two types of players. One of them are people who knows about lol script and carry almost all games. Other one dont know and cry in rankeds about their wood divisions.
So unchain yourself from elo hell and slap some scrubs in soloq to get into diamond or even challenger tier.
league of legends download was your first step. All next steps are in your hands, you only can decide what to do: use lol script and become a true ninja.

Free scripts?

I have created a lot of free content with top quality and you will love it. So you can see what you have estimatintly to expect from my paid lol script. Using free content makes you gain elo also rising and you will enjoy time spend with it. If users would be vehicles then i can tell you that players from wood division are bicycles, normal players are normal cars, LCS players are business cars, Free Scripts users are sport cars and paid scripts users are heavy tanks.


Clients Testimonials

Very smooth, nice combo. nice prediction and E usage. Overall just... nice.   Definitely buying it now but wanted to just leave a note here that I for one use all of your ADC scripts and am thankful I can give you a financial thank you.   One question tho? how will the price here tie into your 2.0 "Big Fat Gosu" is that a paid package or just elements of it?. Whatever the pricing structure I'd like to know before I buy 1 too many Tequila's before release and can't afford it   Thanks in advance
Yo, bought it today and working so nicely not a single crash so far in about 20 games, thanks for making this paid and happy summer for you Big Fat team!
HAHAHA i using this with the usual and was on teamspeak with a mate, and he heard the voice though by headset and mic, and thought a girl was over my place and why i was playing lol instead of playing her lol. ty for a laugh
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